Day 6: One AU - Lydia, the Witch

"After being haunted by strange dreams, Lydia finds out she’s a descendant of a long line of powerful witches. As she uncovers more of her supernatural heritage and explores her magical abilities, she also discovers a connection to the local werewolf family, the Hales, with Derek Hale turning out her familiar."


teen wolf cards v1 complete :)) [click for full size]

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Have you ever been in love?

H o r r i b l e, isn’t it?

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Richard Armitage Appreciation Week: [Day 2] Favourite outfit/look

The World’s End Wellington Premiere July 2013

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Just a moment… and I will be there to serve you shortly.

LMAO this was really just me wanting to draw him tying his hair. I was too lazy to draw a background, so think whatever you like on why he’s half (or fully?) naked. I think I draw Thorin far too much. I really should draw the others too. 

the golden trio > astrology

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space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence

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wwa tour

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Let’s take a moment to talk about this man. He’s an amazing actor, he has a big heart which is clear when he shares his philanthropic ways and how he adores his fans. He is kind, silly, funny and beyond adorable. Lovable, modest and ridiculous in the best ways.

I can honestly say that his influence brought back that flame that life,  work and bullshit tried to drown. He showed me love in the form of the people that I call friends. He’s shown me kindess and gentleness when his heart opens to a cause and we rally around it without hesitation. 

He’s inspired change in me when I started to fundraise. When I purchased a ticket to a play that I’d given all hope on and now I’m planning my birthday getaway. 

There’s a reason for this post. This man is just that, a man. He is a person like you or I. He has family, friends and a significant other. He’s looking for happiness and fulfillment which we all chase. 

I love this man for who he is. For the constant gifts he gives us and yes, I objectify him at times because he is beautiful and for everything that comes in that marvelous package. I am only human.

No matter who he decides to share his time or life with, I am happy for him. He makes us so happy with the many things he does and he deserves all the happiness in the world. 

A happy Benedict Cumberbatch is the best kind.

Remember his humanity when you try to tear him down, when you steal a moment to share with others and when you breach something that we all take for granted and that he holds most dear.

/endrant-long post


capturedean's graphic challenge

↳Round 3, prompt → the moon

mirthfulcas vs. awestiles

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ok so these are the first sketches of my reverse Bang entry! (with closeups of the parts i obviously spent more time on)

Space!AU the dwarves’ prime mining colony Erebor got taken over by an AI “smaug” making the place uninhabitable and they’ve been nomadic ever since.

when gandalf suggests a burglar to get it back, it turns out to be a “hobbot” a form of sentient androids originating from the planet “shire” in the Yavanna system. for a few reasons, smaug not registering him as he only filters the system from organic beings being prime amongst them.

but the dwarves are a race that are low tech and have never accepted AI technology. so the course does not run smooth…

Now you may do with this as you wish in fact the previous information doesn’t have to be taken into account much at all.

stuff I really want (need) to see:

Thorin (and other dwarves) being suspicious and hostile towards bilbo because of his status as a “machine”. (basically the fear of AI the modern world seems to have)

and overcoming this way of thinking.

(star in the corner would be bagginshield eventually happening)

I’ll post more sketches later probably under the tag “space!au” since i’m not done i just need to post this before deadline